Field Notes – Deep Time

16 — 22 Sep 2013

Kilpisjärvi Biological Station, Kilpisjärvi, Finland

Hosted by Oron Catts, Antero Kare, Leena Valkeapaa, Tere Vaden, Elisabeth Ellsworth and Jamie Kruse

Field_Notes – Deep Time” was a week-long art&science field laboratory organized by the Finnish Society of Bioart at Kilpisjärvi Biological Station, run by the University of Helsinki, in Lapland. Five working groups, each composed of a host and team of six, developed, tested and evaluated specific interdisciplinary approaches in relation to the Deep Time theme, based on the interplay of art&science. “Field_Notes – Deep Time” was in search of artistic and scientific responses to the dichotomy between human time-perception and comprehension, and the time of biological, environmental, and geological processes in which we are embedded. The local Subarctic nature, ecology, and geology, as well as the scientific environment and infrastructure of Kilpisjärvi Biological Station acted as a catalyst for the work carried out.

A part of the Techno-Ecologies EU Project