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a series of conversations
with artists Laura Beloff & Kira O'Reilly and guests
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2 — 3 Jun 2021
For visitors of one at a time over two days,TICK ACTs presents contemplations and ideas from a collaboration between artists Laura Beloff and Kira O’Reilly on ticks and tick-borne pathogens and their environments.
#SOLUspa with Ernest Truely
17 — 30 May 2021
Welcome to #SOLUspa to experience the transformational power of art and hairdressing! 
A series of conversations by artists Laura Beloff & Kira O'Reilly with experts from the biosciences and the humanities concerning ticks, the pathogens they carry and the implications for humans and non-humans within changing environments.
12 May 2021
Capture and Release
As I leave Kilpisjärvi, I think about what I’m taking and what I’m leaving behind.
Guest post | Taylor Smith | 30 April 2021
9 Apr 2021 17:00 — 23:00
14 Apr 2021 17:00 — 23:00
21 Apr 2021 17:00 — 23:00
28 Apr 2021 17:00 — 23:00
29 Apr 2021 17:00 — 23:00
BIO·FICTION Shorts is a touring collection of short films exploring the theme of Futurebody. The films are accompanied by a panel discussion and a series of conversations.
14 Apr 2021 19:00 — 21:00
21 Apr 2021 19:00 — 21:00
28 Apr 2021 19:00 — 21:00
Talking BIO·FICTION is a discussion format that gives space to reflect together on the content and context of a selection of short films watched together. 
m/other becomings: OPEN CALL for artwork production
The call is searching for artwork production proposals that explore reproductive futures and how life sciences transform and challenge our ideas and possibilities of reproduction and the maternal. The application deadline is April 30, 2021!
25 April 2021
About art and science in the time of a pandemic
Co-hosted by our Biofriction programme partner Hangar, Art and science in the time of a pandemic symposium shares experiences and thoughts about the practices of art and science in times of a pandemic. The event takes place online on Tuesday, April 27, and it is streamed live from 17h– (CET).
23 April 2021
Ilmoittautuminen BioFutures-työpajaan käynnissä / BioFutures workshop is calling for participants
Ilmoittaudu mukaan 14.5. mennessä | Sign-up by April 14!
21 April 2021
How to Capture Flow, Week 2: The Upside-Down Landscapes
The Upside-Down Landscapes: discovering a map of the holes in the Kilpisjärvi landscape
Guest post | Taylor Smith | 16 April 2021
Changes of rhythm, soundscape and visibility
The layers of myths, history and beliefs become palpable when being surrounded by peaks silenced with snow.
Guest post | Nina Luostarinen | 12 April 2021
For my project Wild Matters, I investigate my relationship to nature through 360° video, and I explore the medium for artistic possibilities to communicate about this.
Guest post | Rozan van Klaveren | 12 April 2021