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High Altitude Bioprospecting (HAB): ATMOSPHERIC ENCOUNTERS
at SOLU Space from Oct 8-Nov 20
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High Altitude Bioprospecting (HAB): Atmospheric Encounters
7 Oct — 20 Nov 2021
High Altitude Bioprospecting (HAB) is a long term project involving scientists and artists in a quest to explore extreme environments, particularly the stratosphere and detect and capture microorganisms that may live or survive there. The Atmospheric Encounters exhibition features new works by Melissa Grant, Oliver de Peyer, Hannah Imlach, Anna Dumitriu, Alex May, Paul Shepherd, Heidi Pietarinen, Till Bovermann, Anne Yoncha and Noora Sandgren.
Microbial prospecting workshop with Melissa Grant
8 Oct 2021 10:00 — 16:00
Making invisible microbes visible and trying to identify them has been a pastime of the curious for many centuries. Some of the scientific methods used have seemed out of reach for the at home biologist, however, advances in DIY biology equipment and sharing of knowledge now mean that almost anyone can grow and potentially identify microbes with a few pieces of equipment...
Quimera Rosa - Trans*Plant: May the Chlorophyll be with/in you
2 — 25 Sep 2021
Trans*Plant is a transdisciplinary project that utilizes living systems and is based on self-experimentation: it is a process that involves a human to plant transition in various formats. 
In Dialogue: Ariane Koek & Erich Berger
26 Aug 2021 17:00 — 18:30
Welcome to join us for a dialogue that brings together Ariane Koek, a leading expert in the intersection of art, science and technology, and Erich Berger, director of Bioart Society. During the evening, they will be discussing Koek’s pioneering work and the many ways in which art, science and society can come together within artistic and curatorial practices.  Pre-registration required!
Field_Notes 2021 - Traces
During a two-week field trip in September 2021, nine artists and scientists invited by the Bioart Society will travel to Kilpisjärvi to follow the geological outcrops in search of trace fossils. They will practice trace and landscape reading, orientation, trace-making, documentation and decision-making on sites of bifurcation. They may call this a (paleo)ethology of tracing.
25 August 2021
Lyndsey Walsh and Riina Hannula selected for the m/other becomings project
New commissioned works by Walsh and Hannula will be featured in the m/other becomings exhibition organised in Helsinki in spring 2022
24 August 2021
Xeno-Optimizations for Arctic Survival
The project by Emilia Tikka, Oula A. Valkeapää and Leena Valkeapää speculates on biomedical applications of genome-editing beyond genetic determinism and human exceptionalism indicating the human condition as deeply entangled with more-than-human worlds.
3 August 2021
SOLU Space is closed in July
Bioart Society staff is on holiday, and SOLU Space is closed in July. We wish you a sunny summer!
27 June 2021
With Mountain Birches on the Tree Line
Writing these notes at the summer solstice in Helsinki, a week after returning from a two-week residency at the biological station in Kilpisjärvi, involves a double nostalgia, for the continuous increase of light, which is now turning to the reverse, and for the magic light in the North...
Guest post | Annette Arlander | 23 June 2021
"There is an ancient conversation going on between mosses and rocks, poetry to be sure. About light and shadow and the drift of continents. This is what has been called the dialectic of moss on stone, an interface of immensity and minuteness, of past and present, softness and hardness, stillness and vibrancy, yin and yang. “
20 June 2021
BioFutures - Process Prototype Showcase
12 Jun 2021 10:00 — 14:00
13 Jun 2021 10:00 — 14:00
14 Jun 2021 12:00 — 17:00
15 Jun 2021 12:00 — 17:00
16 Jun 2021 12:00 — 17:00
17 Jun 2021 12:00 — 17:00
18 Jun 2021 12:00 — 17:00
Imaginative prototypes from the five-day BioFutures workshop and ongoing work: deep-sea gardening, bee Tinder, spiritual reformations... Welcome!
Biofriction exhibition on view in Lisbon, Portugal, until August 1

Since 2019, Bioart Society has been one of the four partners of Biofriction, a European collaboration project committed to supporting bioart and biohacking practices. An exhibition of the same name opens in the Ectopia space in Lisbon, Portugal, on June 16.
16 June 2021