Curie’s Children [glow boys radons daughter]

2 — 5 Jun 2014

Kaupunkiverstas, Helsinki, Finland

The Curie’s Children [glow boys, radon daughters] workshop allowed the uninitiated to easily enter into a physical and intuitive relation to nuclear and atomic processes, following simple hands-on experimentation, construction and research. This relation promoted an understanding of the complex issues surrounding contemporary uses of nuclear and atomic technologies, which could inform and help to formulate an artistic “response”. During the workshop participants were guided through their own construction of the radiation detector device, as well as further investigations, experiments, lectures, discussion, screenings, presentations and field trips. The detector served as an introduction for the workshop participants to start a relationship with the complex political, economic and artistic positions orbiting the phenomena of nuclear decay.

Held by Erich Berger and Martin Howse

Case Pyhäjoki presentation: Mari Keski-Korsu