Prima Materia

22 Nov — 13 Dec 2012

Helsinki, Finland

PRIMA MATERIA – 4 artistic positions on ecology 

Exhibition at Helsinki University Think Corner

Participating artists: Laura Beloff (FI), Ursula Damm (DE), Mari Keski-Korsu (FI) and Tuula Närhinen (FI)

The exhibition PRIMA MATERIA is the result of the interdisciplinary Art&HENVI collaboration facilitated by the Finnish Society of Bioart and Helsinki University Centre for Environment - HENVI. Four artists presented the results of a year of artistic research alongside the HENVI environmental research groups. With science and technology influencing and shaping our society on every level, there exists a need to approach scientific, social, economic and cultural issues from a plurality of directions. The recognised benefit of interdisciplinary work leads as well to an increasing development of collaborations between artists and scientists especially in the area of environmental research, biology and biotechnology, motivated by a mutual interest and concern towards the transformations of our everyday life and the environment we live in and depend on. Art and science are both practises based on intellectual creativity which shape our experience, perception and understanding of the world.

photo: Tuula Närhinen, Soup du Jour