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Loren Kronemyer: Becoming an Epoch Warrior
posted by Johanna Salmela on 30 August 2019

Thursday, September 5, 2019, 17–19h
PUBLICS, Sturenkatu 37–41 4B

Welcome to join us at PUBLICS for an intervention by artist Loren Kronemyer. The evening starts with an introduction to the State of the Art – A Multidisciplinary Collaboration Facing The Anthropocene - it's past, present and future.

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What should we be calling our present epoch? Artist Loren Kronemyer (Australia) invites attendees to navigate thinking through the urgent problem of naming time amidst a crisis of geological nomenclature. The evening will explore the role of artists in epoch naming, sharing interventions and provocations designed to help participants pick a side in the heated debate surrounding the name of our geological era. Are you prepared to die in the “Anthropocene”, or will you become an epoch warrior?

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Loren Kronemyer is an artist living and working in remote lutruwita (Tasmania), Australia. Her works span interactive and live performance, experimental media art, and large-scale worldbuilding projects aimed at exploring ecological futures and survival skills. As part of duo Pony Express, she is co-creator of projects like Ecosexual Bathhouse, a touring queer sex club for the entire ecosystem. Pony Express are currently in the process of organising an international artist-run geological council called Epoch Wars. She collaborates frequently with laboratories, including most recently as the first resident at the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research, and received the first Masters of Biological Arts Degree from SymbioticA Lab at the University of Western Australia. She is a mentor at the Icelandic Academy of Art for their Masters of Performing Arts program, and a PhD candidate at the University of Tasmania.  She has just completed a summer residency at HIAP (Helsinki) and will premier the new live artwork After Erika Eiffel at ANTI festival in September 2019.

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State of the Art is a multidisciplinary collaboration facing The Anthropocene. It brings together a group of Nordic and Baltic artists, writers, researchers and art organisations to discuss the role of art and multidisciplinary collaborations in the light of the current global ecological crises. State of the Art is created in collaboration with Bioart Society, The Posthumanities HubLaboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology and The Independent AIR.

The event is held at PUBLICS - a curatorial agency with a dedicated library, event space and reading room in Vallila Helsinki. PUBLICS explores a “work together” institutional model with multiple overlapping objectives, thematic strands and collaborations. 

Image: Epoch Wars Still by Pony Express Photo by Tom Cramond.