CLUVEX (Climate University for Virtual Exchanges) is a 3-year project carried out in collaboration with four universities from Finland, Denmark, Ukraine and Armenia.

The project aim is to bridge students from European and Neighbourhood East universities and to engage them with climate competences e.g., ideas of adaptation and mitigation to climate change and the green agenda together with interdisciplinary, green and soft skills. The CLUVEX thematic areas include 1) Climate action, environment and nature protection, 2) Environment and climate change and 3) Green skills.

The project's main activity is the interactive online courses including traditional education materials in a way that students, professors and teaching assistants will work together in small groups. There will be, for example, international workshops on Zoom for students, focusing on topics related to climate change and sustainable development.

During this project, Bioart Society will introduce artistic perspectives on how contemporary art contributes to the public climate change discourse in the form of VE lectures and creative exercises.