The launch of deCYPher
posted by Milla Millasnoore on 1 December 2023

Bioart Society is excited to launch a new European collaboration project deCYPher with 10 partner associations from 6 different countries. The deCYPher project brings together artificial intelligence, machine learning techniques and synthetic biology to go beyond traditional extraction methods of flavonoids and terpenoids. These plant compounds are used for important products, such as pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. As the current extraction is expensive and limited to just a few compounds, deCYPher’s objective is to develop a bio-based production alternative of plant secondary metabolites, which aims to ensure a regular supply in a more sustainable, economical, and efficient way.

The deCYPher project will develop a standardised platform to profoundly implement artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques to overcome current hurdles in industrial biotechnology and truly unlock the full potential in biotech engineering.This platform will be applied to solve a pertinent problem in the microbial production of plant secondary metabolites, namely the bio-based production of terpenoids and flavonoids. Based on the Design-Build-Test-Learn (DBTL) cycle deCYPher brings together AI/ML with synthetic biology generating transparency, reproducibility, and modularity – supporting the European Green Deal and the circular economy.

DeCYPher takes an interdisciplinary approach by uniting academia, industry, citizens, and non-profit organisations. The project aims to impact various facets in science, economy, and society – fostering citizen-based co-creative innovation.The partner associations include: Ghent University, Wageningen University & Research, The Spanish National Research Council, Isobionics, ML6, Biofaction, Lantana, VIB (the Flanders Institute for Biotechnology), Barcelona Super-computing Center and Bioart Society.

During this project, Bioart Society will work closely with Biofaction, a research and science communication company based in Vienna, to stimulate deeper reflection about convergence of AI/ML and SynBio. This will include initiating and developing interdisciplinary debate via panels, conferences, online discussion groups about the opportunities, risks and  responsibilities in linking the power of AI/ML with synbio. We will also organise a series of workshops, residency opportunities and a final exhibition and publication.

Details on these and open call opportunities will follow in 2024.

Visit the project website for more information on the project and its objectives: