Rewilding Cultures Mobility Conversation
posted by Milla Millasnoore on 21 April 2023
Rewilding Cultures Mobility Conversation Open Call

Rewilding Cultures (RC) is a Creative Europe collaboration project, which wants to reposition the wild within the field of art practices connecting to science and technology. As the European cultural sector has been and still is affected by multiple subsequent and coincident crises (incl. COVID-19, war-induced inflation, migration) we need to rewild on terms fit for the present and future.

In this spirit and with this open call, Rewilding Cultures aims to initiate a conversation on cultural exchange and offers grants for mobility beyond the current forms of support, as well as backing for work and experiments which contribute to the rethinking of mobility and cultural exchange in novel ways.


Over the next 3 years the RC network partners will issue 8 grants every year, each with up to 1400 EURO support (incl. possible taxes). The form of support (e.g., fee or reimbursement) will be discussed individually.

Artists, researchers and technologists can apply for mobility or mobility-related work support which destinations go beyond the RC network partners. The proposed activity needs to happen in 2023. No prior affiliation with any of the Rewilding Cultures partner associations is required. The activity should be conducted with an organisation or venue which is not part of the Rewilding Cultures network. The applicant needs either to reside in a Creative Europe country or the mobility destination needs to be located in a Creative Europe country which is different from the country of residence (you can find a list of the Creative Europe countries here).

What we are looking for

The Rewilding Cultures project wants to open a discussion on how we can advocate for and make changes and better choices to empower more sustainable and inclusive practices within cultural exchange. With this call we want to offer support for those who are aspiring towards more sustainable choices and practices, have needs and wants which go beyond current forms of funding but also for those who want to experiment, test and question not only with mobility but also through work. We also offer support for ongoing activities.

Do you want to take the train instead of the plane or do you rather walk? Do you want to take your family with you or do you need to finance care while you are away? Are there difficulties of social or interpersonal reasons relating to, for example, diverse-ability, racialisation, or family situations? Do you want to test an idea, conduct an experiment or write something addressing the framework of the call? What about shipping your work to the next exhibition, is there something you can do from which we can learn from? Questions like these are interesting in the scope of this call.

You can apply via the form on our website.

Rewilding Cultures is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, which aims to support European projects in the field of cultural production and innovation. The partner associations include ART2M / Makery (FR), Bioart Society (FI), Catch (Helsingør Kommune) Center for Art, Technology and Design (DK), Cultivamos Cultura (PT), Ionian University (GR), Radiona (HR) Schmiede Hallein (AT) and Projekt Atol (SI) which leads the project. More information on the project available on the Rewilding Cultures website.

Photo of Gary Markle with the Selkie Skin in the Baltic Sea during Imagining Godzilla in 2019. Photo by Till Bovermann.