Emergence, Microbes, Governing Bodies mini festival

1 — 5 Jun 2022

Location: SOLU

Emergence, Microbes, Governing Bodies mini festival
1-5 June 2022

SOLU Space, Luotsikatu 13, Helsinki & other locations

Emergence, Microbes, Governing Bodies mini-festival will take place in SOLU Space 1—5 June 2022, organized together with the Governing Bodies art and research network. The events circle around the microbes we humans live in symbiosis.

Each human being lives in symbiosis with 1,5kg of microbes. They live in and on our bodies, and because they are so tiny, they outnumber the number of cells that make up our bodies. They influence our health and probably also our personality. The Governing Bodies network is an international group of artists from multiple genres who work closely with researchers in biochemistry, psychiatry and material sciences. Together they share a deep interest in how humankind’s growing understanding of the microbes in the human body influence humankind’s understanding of itself and our place in the world.

During the Emergence, Microbes, Governing Bodies, a group of international artists and scientists will approach the concept of emergence together with the audience to have fun and learn together and investigate how emergence and the microbes that humans live in symbiosis relate to one another. Special focus is given to the role of food, digestion, and specifically to our relationship with our microbiome. Most events will be happening in SOLU Space, including workshops, performances, talks, and much more.

While in Helsinki, the group invites the public to take part in artistic and scientific interventions, try food that stimulates the microbes in your gut as well as engage in workshops, and experience performances and concerts. SOLU Space will serve as the central hub for the activities, but some festival events are located in various other locations around Helsinki.

All events are open to the public and free of charge so that emergence can be experienced first-hand from a wide variety of angles. Anyone and everyone are welcome to join for an hour, a day or the whole festival.


PRELIMINARY PROGRAM (all the events take place in SOLU Space if not stated otherwise)

Wednesday: Listening in – diving into an ocean of emergent behaviour

19:00 Performance / deep listening
20:00 EEG-synth experience / meditative one-on-one sessions (2-3 EEG synth sessions)

21:00 DINNER

Thursday: Emergence is surrounding us — examples of emergence on macroscopic and microscopic levels and how they influence us and our life world


11:00 Introduction to Emergence

13:00 LUNCH

16:00 Riina Hannula: Microbial Medi(t)ation. Please bring/wear comfortable long-sleeved clothing. At SOLU Space or outside, weather permitting
17:30 Bart van den Put: Retinalalian Group Hum_1 — breathing-sounding the retinal code
18:30 Annette Arlander: Letter to a Dead Spruce video screening

21:00 DINNER

Friday: On microbes and macrobes — scales of observation, behavioural patterns, and inter-system similarities


10:30 Discussion about emergence with neuroscientist Veikko Jousmäki
11:30 Till Bovermann Performative walk – City as Organism (Departure from SOLU Space)

13:00 LUNCH (on the way)

14:00-16:00 Sauna at Furuvik Rantasauna
19:00 Book release “Governing Bodies”
19:30 The Experiences of Art as We don’t Know It and Governing Bodies. A round table discussion about creating books with trans-disciplinary content with the Freddie Ross, editor of Governing Bodies and representatives from Bioart Society. Moderated by MaiBritt Giacobini Arnér.

21:00 DINNER

22:00 Carima Neusser's performance


Saturday: Politics of emergence — layers of consciousness, layers of interpretation


11:30 Carola Uehlken: walking through city, landscape, building? Please bring your own headphones and a smartphone. Departure from SOLU Space.

13:00 LUNCH

16.00 Evening at Akusmata


Sunday: Beyond emergence? Dispersion and re-formation


12:00 Summary and departure