HYBRID_MATTERs exhibition Kunsthal Grenland

19 Mar — 8 May 2016

Porsgrun, Norway

The detritus from human activity has reached such proportions, both in extent and amount, that there is scarcely a single place Earth that is pure and untouched by human alluvia. Describing some particular area as polluted no longer has the same meaning. We have brought so much human-created material into the ecosystems that the balance has been altered. Due to machines, genetically modifed plants, animals, bacteria and chemicals – we have inluenced the whole spectrum. We can think of this as a hybrid ecosystem – a combination of nature and technology, where nature is no longer always the dominant part. When we talk about a hybrid ecology, this encompasses both ecosystems and everything involved in them – independent of whether these are natural or human-created organisms, machines or digital networks. The exhibition Hybrid Matters in Kunsthall Grenland presents five artworks that exist in this conceptual landscape.

Participating artists: Hanna Husberg FI/SW, Lawrence Malstaf BE/NO, Laura Belof FI/DK, Jonas Jorgenson DK, Hege Tapio / NO, Kristina Lindström SE, Asa Stahl SE http://exhibitions.hybridmatters.net/grenland