HYBRID MATTERs exhibition Nikolaj Kunsthal

19 May — 31 Jul 2016


The exhibition investigates current hybrids of biology, technology and art. The exhibition looks at today's brave new world in which genetically modifed plants and animals, artifcial organisms and new hybrids between digital technology and human biology are increasingly altering the balance between natural and man-made. HYBRID MATTERs investigates and experiments with new and more benefcial forms of co- existence in a time characterised by climate changes and Anthropocene conditions. The participating artists take a both critical and inventive stance towards a new hybrid ecology.

Overall, HYBRID MATTERs presents a multitude of perspectives, and perhaps even a few solutions to current and future challenges of the Anthropocene.

Participating artists: Hanna Husberg FI/SW, Lawrence Malstaf BE/NO, Laura Belof FI/DK, Jonas Jorgenson DK, Hege Tapio / NO, Kristina Lindström SE, Asa Stahl SE, Christian Brems DK, Carl Emil Carlson DK, Rosemary Lee US/DK, Malena Klaus AT/DK, Jens Lee Jorgenson DK.