SOLU Dialogues: A Nose is a Nose?

15 Dec 2023 14:30 — 16:00

Location: SOLU

As part of the second SOLU Dialogues series, Aaro Murphy hosts A Nose is a Nose, an open dialogue between peers and colleagues around the subject of the nose, atmospheric analysis and the invisible. 

During the talk Murphy will present Fickle (Gritty) Memory, sharing the research and process behind the work. The talk will focus on questions around air sampling and analysis furthering into the subject of contemporary e-nose technologies.

Murphy will briefly talk about the Tokyo Arts & Science Research Residency and how it acted as a catalyst for this new work. Continuing from this Murphy will share how the research developed during the Studio for Immediate Spaces, Research Fellowship at the Sandberg Institute throughout 2023. Murphy will then go on to explain how this project has been a starting point for a new research collaboration with a Japanese aroma lab in analyzing rare orchids at Tsukuba botanical garden.

Murphy invites collaborator Duncan Robertson who worked on the sound design for the work. Air was the main focal point for the sound in the video work. Robertson will briefly talk about the methods behind collecting various field recordings of air conditioning, underground air systems, metro networks and filtration systems.

The discussion will be followed by Bioart Society's pikkujoulu party.